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Email outreach with best deliverability

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A Single Platform For Your Email Outreach With Best Deliverability

  • Automated email campaigns to your prospects, using all the best sending practices
  • A high-quality sending infrastructure
  • Impeccable tech setup done by us, no tech work for you
  • All for you to achieve maximum deliverability

All You Need In One Package

Our service includes: drip email campaigns + SMTP for sending + a fresh domain nameĀ (optional) + deliverability best practices + complete technical setup. You only need a list of prospects.

All-in-one Package

All In One Package = Low Costs For You

Integrated Platform = Low Costs For You

Typically, you need a drip campaign service, an SMTP service, a domain name, email hosting, paying a technical expert for initial setup and recurring help...

We have integrated all of these into one unified service and handle all technical setup for you. So you completely avoid initial setup costs and your monthly recurring costs are 20-50% lower. And you don't spend time dealing with tech which you could spend getting more business.

Ongoing Support By Deliverability Experts

Ongoing Support By Deliverability Experts

We go further: Get your campaigns reviewed by our email deliverability experts for suggestions on how to maximize your inbox placement and reply rates.


Gmail / G Suite
Any other mailbox


$37/m $30/month

per sending email account


Automated Follow-Up Drip Campaigns
Tracking of Opens, Clicks and Replies
Email Personalization
High-Reputation SMTP Sending Service
A Brand New Domain Name For Sending
Email Deliverability Best Practices Throughout The Service
Staggered Email Sending
Read Replies From Your Inbox
Bounce Detection
Sending Volume:
Up to 400 emails/day per sending email account
Higher Volumes Available (Without Limit) – Contact Us
Can I send from more than one email address?
Yes, you can send from as many email addresses as you like. The cost of each one is $37 $30/month. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.
Can I cancel at any time?
Of course. There are no contracts or obligations – you pay as you go.
I want to use my Gmail or Outlook interface. Can I?
Yes. If you prefer, you can access the email account right from your Gmail or Outlook interface so you can read and reply from there.
Is my data secure?
Yes. We use industry-standard encryption and software to ensure the security of all data. Protection of all data and services is our primary concern so our product was designed and built with a security-first mindset.
I want a custom plan.
Sure thing. Contact us so we can arrange something that fits your needs.

How It Works

1. Sign Up.
2. You get email drip campaigns, a high-reputation SMTP, a brand new domain name (optional) and an implementation of sending guidelines for best email deliverability - all of this configured and ready to use.
3. Add your list of prospects and start sending!

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